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13-Year-Old Girl Overdoses On K2, A Synthetic Form Of Marijuana (Video)

A 13-year-old Texas girl was hospitalized after overdosing on the drug K2, a synthetic version of marijuana.

Billie Huffman says that she and her family were out to dinner on Saturday night when they noticed that her 13-year-old goddaughter wasn’t acting normal. They eventually found her outside of their apartment unable to speak and shaking uncontrollably.

"If we hadn't come home when we did, we might have a dead child,” said Huffman. “The paramedic said it was one of the worst overdoses on K2 he ever saw.”

Although the girl was released from the hospital the next day, this scary close call paints an all too real picture of the dangers involved in this synthetic drug. Just three days prior to this overdose, Federal Drug Enforcement agents successfully took down a serious K2 drug ring in North Texas in which millions of dollars worth of the drug was being peddled through Gas Pipe stores throughout the state.

The leader of the drug ring, suspected to be Lawrence Shahwan, was arrested and charged in that case. Police do say, however, that in this most recent overdose case, the 13-year-old girl likely did not receive her K2 from a Gas Pipe store.

Reports say that the 13-year-old girl will most likely not be criminally charged for the incident.


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