Public Shaming Videos Under Fire After 13-Year-Old Commits Suicide (Video)

A 13-year-old girl whose father posted a video of himself cutting off her hair as punishment for an unknown offense committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in Tacoma, Washington, a few days after the video appeared online (video shown below). Now others are trying to get her story out there in an effort to stop other parents from using public shaming as a form of discipline.

Izabel Laxamana. who went be "Izzy," reportedly jumped out from the passenger's seat of her grandmother's vehicle on Friday evening and "jumped or fell" off a bridge and onto a car below, reports Inquisitr. The teen, who was a student at Giaudrone Middle School, "jumped without hesitation" and her death is being ruled a suicide.

Just a few days prior to her death, a 15-second video was released showing Laxamana standing in front of a pile of black hair on the floor, Tacoma Stories reports.

The man filming her (who was later revealed to be her father), points the camera at her and says: "The consequences of getting messed up? Man, you lost all that beautiful hair. Was it worth it?"

The teen answers, "no."

The man then says, "How many times did I warn you," to which Laxamana answers, "Twice."

The man replies, "okay," and then the video cuts out.

Many parents have since come out to express their anger at how this child was publicly shamed. One parent, who says she was assisting in the teen's science class, described how she had spotted her crying not long after the video's release and says she would have intervened had she known what would happen to her:

We all got the word at the bridge. Lots of Sobbing and hugging going around. I am glad I was there with my daughter to support her and her feelings through this. If I had known what izzy was crying about in science class when I was there, I would of taken her home with me and called police.

Sources: Inquisitr, Tacoma Stories

Photo Credit: Inquisitr


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