Texas Teen Killed By Train While Exploring Train Tracks


A 13-year-old Texas girl was fatally hit by a train while walking along the tracks near her home during a sleepover.

Tanley Yacos and her friend were at her home in Buda when the two decided to sneak out in the early hours of March 26 to explore the railroad tracks, reports KXAN.

“I felt like I lost a part of my heart,” said Mia Trahan as she held back tears during a memorial for her friend. “I’m going to miss her smile, her soul, just everything about her.”

Police say the teens were on the railroad tracks at around 1:50 a.m. when Tanley was hit by a Union Pacific train. The engineer saw two young girls walking on the tracks and blew his horn because the area is not a quiet zone. Tanley died immediately at the scene, but her friend was unharmed.

A Buda city spokesman says they’re analyzing video from the train to see what happened right before Tanley was hit. The train was traveling 47 mph at the time with a speed limit of 60 mph for the area, according to Daily Mail.

Tanley leaves behind eight siblings and was a student at Dahlstrom Middle School. “Tanley was a remarkable young lady and an asset to our district. We all are mourning her passing,” Dahlstrom Middle School Principal Rod Trevino said in a statement.

Barry and Aimee Beard’s daughter was friends with Tanley and said, “I’m still in shock, I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“At times the community, it’s easier to jump to the negative than to the positive, and we definitely want the community to know that she was a very sweet individual,” says Aimee.

Sources: KXAN, Daily Mail / Photo credit: Facebook via Daily Mail

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