13-Year-Old Genelle Allen Found Naked, Dead in Calif. Park

Days after 13-year-old Genelle Allen’s body was found naked and dumped in a Fairfield, Calif., park, friends and family are still trying to process what happened.

As detectives continue their hunt for the girl’s killer(s), the memorial remembering Allen continues to expand, as sympathetic people leave messages and tokens of remembrance like flowers and teddy bears, according to CBS Local.

Allen was last seen alive wearing a gray sweater, blue jean-style leggings and a pink backpack. She was last spotted late Thursday afternoon at an intersection near Allan Witt Park, where her body was eventually found.

“Our family has gone through a tragedy, hell,” Allen’s great aunt said. “I want people to know she was a loving child,” she said. “She went through a lot in her life and she was always with a smile.”

Many of Allen’s classmates and friends at Green Valley Middle School spent time in the school’s library on Monday, talking about Allen and writing messages on posters to honor the girl’s memory. Grief counselors were also onsite to help students deal with the feelings that Allen’s death may have provoked.

“For somebody that you know really well and then you see her on Thursday and then the next day you find out that she died, it’s kind of hard for a person to get over it that fast,” friend William Jackson said.

Locals want whoever did this horrendous act caught. “This person can’t just get away with what they’ve done,” community member Michelle Jackson said. “You take a baby and you just dump her as if she was a piece of garbage, and she wasn’t. She was a human being.”

There will be a memorial for Genelle in Allan Witt Park at 6:30 on Friday night.

Anyone with information on what happened to Genelle is asked to call the Fairfield Police Department Major Crimes Unit 24-hour Tip Line at (707) 428-7345. Callers can remain anonymous

Source: (CBS Local)


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