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13-Year-Old Finds Hidden Treasure Buried By Popular Rock Band In Vegas Desert

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A 13-year-old fan of the band Imagine Dragons found some serious treasure hidden in a Las Vegas desert, thanks to clues left by the band on their Facebook page.

The band began the Facebook treasure hunt with their fans with an extremely cryptic message. “First rule of following directions: be PRECISE. second rule of following directions: make sure your navigation tools are up to par,” the post read. “Third and final rule of following directions: the early bird catches the worm (there is only one worm, and it’s alive and well). happy hunting.” The post also included a picture of the artwork for their forthcoming studio album, “Smoke and Mirrors.”

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Florida teen Lindsea Taylor saw the posted and wondered if there might be a clue hidden in the artwork that would lead to something. That’s when she noticed a series of numbers, written backwards, in the upper left hand corner.

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“I zoomed in on the picture, and I found the numbers,” Taylor told the Desert News. “And I just immediately, I was just like … these are coordinates."

Taylor entered the coordinates into Google Maps and discovered that they corresponded to a location in a Las Vegas desert. The teen then contacted relatives who lived nearby and enlisted their help to track down whatever was hidden there. The family members agreed, went to the location and unearthed the buried treasure.

“There was a guitar signed by all the band members and a case for it,” Taylor said. “There were 10 Polaroids with pictures of the band members, and they each signed it, and then there were drum sticks signed, and there was a master pass that allows me to get into all of the ("Smoke and Mirrors") concerts that I want. Two tickets free!”

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Taylor said the hunt was a great way for the band to engage more personally with their fans, and she couldn’t be happier about the outcome.

“I think it so cool. I've never ever seen anybody else do something like this, and I think the fact they interact with their fans, it just creates a better relationship.”

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