13-Year-Old Defends His Family With A Baseball Bat

Redmond Collins, a 13-year-old boy from Antioch, California, is being hailed as a hero for chasing a burglar out of his home on the morning of June 22.

Redmond was at home enjoying his summer vacation with his two younger brothers while his mother and adult sister were out running errands. The boys were startled when a man walked through their unlocked front door.

“I was, like, ‘get out’ but he wouldn’t leave so the dog came,” 12-year-old Marquis told CBS SF. The family dog came to the rescue and chased out the intruder, but he wouldn’t leave. Redmond called 911 and grabbed a kitchen knife, although he abandoned it for his baseball bat. “I was going to hit him in his head, so he could be unconscious,” he said.

Terrell Freeman, 39, allegedly stuck around. “My dog scared him out the first time but then he came back again,” said 10-year-old Jonathan. “But we locked everything and was he was trying to bust into the house.”

Redmond guarded the front door from the inside until police arrived and found Freeman waiting in the front yard, near the door. 

Jasmine King, Redmond’s 19-year-old sister, was able to identify Freeman - she had allegedly stalked her and followed her home. “When I saw the picture, I gasped,” she said. “I’m like oh my God, that’s the dude I used to see everyday when I went to school.”

Joneeca King, Redmond’s mother, praised her son. "He acted appropriately. He took steps and measures to defend his brothers and the household like a brave young man,” she told ABC 7. 

Freeman has been charged with burglary. 

Sources: ABC 7CBS SF Screenshot via ABC 7


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