'I'm So Glad He Was There': Younger Brother Saves Teen From Electrocution (Video)


A boy in Florida received the shock of a lifetime after he nearly electrocuted himself to death while playing a game with his brother.

Justin Martin, 16, was in the midst of playing a game of manhunt with his brother Dominic, 13, and other friends in New Port Richey, Florida, when he decided to climb onto the roof to hide. In order to get up there, he reportedly grabbed onto a metal pole above an air conditioning unit. However, what he did not realize was that the pole was filled with 220 volts of electricity.

Justin was paralyzed and unable to let go of the pole, according to ABC.

"I was screaming help me,” Justin told ABC (video below). "'It's got me, it's shocking me. Please get me off.'"

Soon Dominic and their friends discovered the 16-year-old after hearing his screams.

"I never heard him scream like that," Dominic said.

The 13-year-old first attempted to free his brother by grabbing his clothes. However, after discovering that the electricity was too strong he decided to tackle him.

“I dropped my weight to the floor and pulled back,” Dominic said. “We just both fell back.”

Their mother, Grace Martin, took Justin to the hospital. He stayed there for two days and left with small burn marks on his feet from the incident.

 Justin is grateful that his brother was there and acted quickly.

"Its amazing I'm so glad he was there," Justin said. 

According to Grace, she talked to the managers of the family’s property about the electric pipe. They informed her that it was not properly grounded and they have since covered it in PVC.  

"I am beyond thankful. In one second I could have lost both of my boys," the mother said. 

Source: ABC, BostonNewsTimes

Photo Credit: ABC Screenshot


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