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13-Year-Old Boy Caught Driving With 25 Pounds Of Meth (Photos)

13-Year-Old Boy Caught Driving With 25 Pounds Of Meth (Photos) Promo Image

A 13-year-old boy was caught driving down Interstate 70 in Colorado with 25 pounds of methamphetamine in the car.

A Mesa County Sheriff’s deputy stopped the Dodge Avenger on Aug. 22 near the town of Fruita, reports the Daily Mail.

Inside, he discovered the boy behind the wheel, driving two passengers and 23 packages containing "a crystalline substance consistent with methamphetamine," according to a news release.

The drugs were confiscated by the Western Colorado Drug Task Force, reports The Denver Post.

According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office website, the task force is "a partnership established in the early 1980s between the U.S. Department of Justice Drug Enforcement Administration, the Grand Junction Police Department and the Mesa County Sheriff’s Office."

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The purpose of the organization is to "fight the battles of drugs on the front lines and other crimes that go with dealing and using drugs."

The passengers have been identified as German Michel-Arreola, 22, and Irene Michel-Arreola, 19. The name of the boy has not been made public because he is a juvenile.

All three are residents of California, and they all face charges of distribution, manufacturing, and possession with intent to sell.

The juvenile faces additional charges of failing to drive in a designated lane, and driving without a valid driver’s license. He is being held at the Grand Mesa Youth Services Center in Grand Junction.

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The two adult suspects are being held in the Mesa County Detention Facility.

Another unlikely meth driver was busted last month in Texas. On July 12, 23-year-old Seline Lizbeth Ayala was arrested in Austin while speeding down Interstate 35 with 75 pounds of liquid meth in her 2013 Dodge Avenger.

"Upon making contact with the driver, officers became suspicious of the driver," explained the Austin Police Department in a press release. "APD narcotics K-9 'Emma' gave a positive alert to the vehicle where officers found approximately 75-pounds of liquid crystal methamphetamine hidden inside large white 'Purple Power' degreaser jugs."

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The National Institute on Drug Abuse provides statistics on methamphetamine use in the United States since 2012, which represents the most recent figures reported.

According to the 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 1.2 million people reported using meth during the past year, and 440,000 reported using it in the past month. The past-month use represented a sharp decline from 2006 figure of 731,000.

The average age of new methamphetamine users in 2012 was 19.7 years old, and in 2012, there were 133,000 new users of methamphetamine aged 12 or older.

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