13-Year-Old Accidentally Strangles Herself To Death With Tie From Bathrobe

A 13-year-old U.K. girl reportedly died after accidentally strangling herself with the cord on a bathrobe while straightening up her bedroom closet.

Reports say that back in November, Grace Taylor’s twin sister Ellen found her slumped over in their closet as the two were cleaning their room. Despite efforts to save her life by her family as well as paramedics, Taylor died two days later at a local hospital.

Initially, police began investigating suspicions that the teen may have taken her own life, but after a lengthy inquiry, they determined that Taylor accidentally strangled herself with the tie on the dressing gown, or robe.

“This doesn't make anything any easier but it does confirm what we already knew all along - she wouldn't have taken her own life,” Taylor’s grieving mother Christine said. “The verdict was what we expected.”

During the investigation and hearing, Taylor’s mother described the timeline of events that led to them finding the 13-year-old girl in the closet.

“Ellen came down to the living room and said, ‘Will you come upstairs? Grace is in the cupboard. Will you come up?’” Christine recalled. “She wasn’t hanging. It was as if she had slipped and she was leaning against the cord which hung from a clothes rail.”

Taylor’s father Mike and a neighbor both attempted CPR before paramedics got there, but by the time the help arrived, she had no pulse.

“We went upstairs and Grace was at the foot of her bed lying on the floor,” paramedic Paul Houlis said. “She was not breathing and had no pulse.”

Taylor was rushed to the hospital, but sadly, she died there two days later.

“Ellen is coping the best she can. She is doing well as school and is being supported by her brother and friends,” Mike Taylor, Grace’s father, said of the surviving twin. “Grace was a beautiful, kind and feisty little girl. She was just a great kid. We would like to say a big thank you to all her friends in year nine at her school and to everyone throughout the local community who have been so kind, as well as to all the staff at the QE Hospital in Gateshead and the RVI in Newcastle for their help.”

Newcastle coroner Karen Dilks announced the results of the investigation and offered her support to the grieving family.

“There is no evidence that could satisfy me that Grace intended her actions. It leads me to the conclusion that it was an unintentional act that led to an accidental death,” Dilks said. “I extend my very sincere personal condolences for the loss of your daughter.”

Grace Taylor’s family is using the tragic loss as a means to promote organ donation, as the teen’s organs have reportedly already gone to help three people.

Sources:The Daily Mirror, The Newcastle Chronicle / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror


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