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Actor Arrested For Stealing From Elderly Peoples' Homes

Actor Arrested For Stealing From Elderly Peoples' Homes Promo Image

A San Francisco actor has been arrested after robbing numerous elderly people; Netflix has said he's been fired from the show in which he acted.

Bryan Box, 23, who recently appeared in the Netflix series "13 Reasons Why," has been charged with possession of stolen property, burglary and theft by a caretaker of an elder, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The burglaries occurred between Sept. 22 and Nov. 7, 2017. Box reportedly worked as a home health aide before landing a minor role in the Netflix series. He returned to his former clients' homes to talk about his role, the Marin Independent Journal reported.

But after Box's visits, some elderly residents noticed that items from their homes had gone missing. According to a prosecutor’s affidavit, Box had stolen medications, jewelry, a laptop, a Social Security card and other valuables from local residents, People reported.

One of Box's burglaries reportedly added up to a total of $50,000 in items stolen. Box's victims were between the ages of 70 and 90. He was arrested in his California home on Dec. 29, 2017, after police executed a search warrant and found stolen property.

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Authorities also linked Box to a pawn shop in Oakland where other stolen valuables were found. The prosecution affidavit stated that the manager of the pawn shop "immediately recalled his recent interactions with defendant."

“[The manager] was able to physically describe defendant and knew about his recent notoriety from the television show '13 Reasons Why,'" the affidavit states. "Defendant allegedly told [the manager] he had come into possession of a lot of jewelry due to the recent death of an aunt."

Detective Russell Stiverson said records show that Box went to the pawn shop 29 times and made as many as 95 sales. He said each sale could have involved several items and added that property from 43 of the sales was still physically in the shop. The remainder of the stolen items were either sold or melted down.

Box's bail was set at $250,000. He has since been released from jail and will appear in court again for his arraignment on Jan. 16.

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Netflix has since responded to the allegations against Box. They described the actor as an extra who "is no longer working on the show," People reported.

Box played the role of high school student Jamie Garrison in the Netflix drama "13 Reasons Why." According to his biographical clip on YouTube, Box said he learned about the role from a casting post he saw on Facebook, the Marin Independent Journal reported.

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