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12-Year-Old Tries to Murder Baby Niece Out of Jealousy

A 12-year-old girl in Washington Parish, La. was charged with attempted murder of her 8-month-year old niece, telling authorities that she was jealous of the baby.

The Sheriff's Office got word of alleged child abuse in Washington Parish from the Department of Children & Family Services, beginning the investigation.

The girl admitting to giving her infant niece two doses of liquid medication in two days while its mother, the girl’s 16-year-old sister, was bathing, according to a statement from the sheriff’s office.

“According to testimony from the 12-year-old, she was jealous of attention being given to the infant, so (she) decided to kill the infant,” the statement said.

When adults in the house noticed the baby was sleeping for an extended period of time they became concerned. The girl then admitted what she had done.

The baby recovered after being taken to a medical center.

The 12-year-old now faces an attempted first-degree murder charge. She is being held in the Florida Parishes Juvenile Detention Center while awaiting a decision about further action from the juvenile court.

"This is a tragic situation which really troubles me," Washington Parish Sheriff Randy Seal told the Times-Picayune. "I am so pleased the infant is OK and so concerned that a 12-year-old child must now face the future having to deal with the issues she created for herself."

Sources: Times-Picayune, WWL-TV


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