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12-Year-Old Texas Girl Takes Siblings For Car Ride, Crashes Into Church

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A 12-year-old Texas girl packed her three younger siblings into the family SUV for a late-night joyride that ended shortly after it began when she lost control and crashed into a church, Fort Worth police said on Friday.

No one was injured in the accident. Police said the girl, who was not identified, apparently took the car keys while her father was at a nearby store on Thursday night. She then loaded her 7-year-old brother and sister and a 1-year-old brother into the car for a road trip around the block, they said.

The car suffered minimal damage while the Fort Worth church was left with a crack in a brick wall where the journey came to an end, police said.

Police said they are not seeking criminal charges against the girl or her father.

(Reporting by Lisa Maria Garza; Editing by Jon Herskovitz)

Photo credit: Screenshot from NBC


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