12-Year-Old Sent To The Hospital After Lighting Homemade Firework


A 12-year-old boy from Seattle, Washington, lies in a hospital room after he suffered serious burns from a fireworks accident.

Jordan Bernstine, 12, was admitted into the Harborview Medical Center on July 1 after he sustained second-degree burns to his body and head. Fireworks blew up near his face the night before at a fireworks stand near Auburn.

Doctors placed him on a breathing tube but he has since been able to breathe on his own.  

“I really thought I was about to really lose my son and it really scared me,” said Greg Bernstine, Jordan’s father. “You see these things happening to other people and it really touches you. When it happens to you it’s something different.”

According to Greg, Jordan and been working with his brother at the Muckleshoot fireworks stand. When he was injured, he had been taking a break to light a homemade firework.

“The fuse went so fast it burned his hand and he threw it down,” Greg said, “ ... and it exploded on the ground in front of him.”

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Emergency medical services were notified and Jordan was rushed to the hospital where doctors treated his second-degree burns. Komo News reports the burns covered a quarter of his body.

His father hopes that other parents will learn from his son’s accident.

“Parents, be with your kids,” Greg said. “If they’re going to be lighting off fireworks, be there.”

A GoFundMe account has been set up to help Jordan's family pay the medical costs. 

Source: Komo News, GoFundMe

​Photo Credit: Komo News


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