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12-Year-Old Rapist Freed By U.K. Judge Though He Declared No Sympathy For 6-Year-Old Victim

Despite telling a court officer that he has no sympathy for the six-year-old girl he raped not once but twice, a 12-year-old English schoolboy walked out of a courtroom this week with a fine of £300 — or about $480.

He also was given a year-long restraining order ordering him to stay away from his victim and her family.

The boy, whose name has not been made public for legal reasons, admitted to police that he twice forced the girl to perform a sexual act on him. His parents took him to the police station after catching wind of the rumors about their son.

When a court officer who was preparing a sentencing report asked the boy how he felt knowing that his victim was scared and upset, the youth replied, “I don’t care how she feels.”

When the boy appeared in an Ipswich court Monday, District Judge Celia Dawson referred to the boy’s statement, saying she hoped it was mere bravado.

“I hope in a way that is you trying to be brave and tough things out,” the judge said. “When you start work with the Youth Offending Team you will begin to think about what you did, about how serious it was, and about how badly this has affected [the girl].”

The judge said that she did not send the boy, who lives near the border of Suffolk and Norfolk counties on the east coast of England, to a youth detention facility in order to keep him away from “older and more sophisticated criminals.”

But local advocates for rape victims were distressed by the judge’s decision not to punish the boy more severely.

“There is no point in getting a child to pay £300,” said Yvonne Traynor, a local rape crisis worker. “Something has to be done to show to the offender and to the wider public that this is a serious crime, as well as to look at the reasons that made him do it.”

In 2011 in England, 30 underage rapists were allowed by judges to walk free without being placed in custody.

Sources: Daily Telegraph, Ipswich Star


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