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12-Year-Old Punished At School For Hair Deemed 'Too Short'

A 12-year-old U.K. boy was reportedly put in isolation at school because officials deemed his haircut too short.

Anthony Mousiou, described as a “good student” by his family, has reportedly been placed into isolation multiple times since the school year started because school officials said the back and sides of his hair were 4.5 millimeters (around a tenth of an inch) too short.

Mousiou’s father Evi, 44, says he has tried to find his son a new school to no avail, and now, he’s refusing to make him grow his hair out.

“It seems like they are picking on him - I have always felt he is being picked on,” Evi said. “Their website shows pictures of boys with the hair he has been banned from having. He normally has it cut every week because he likes to be groomed and keep himself nice. They cut it short and blend it up to the top. It's not an extreme hair cut - who sets these guidelines? Why do boys have to have hair long? Do they want everyone to be scruffy? It's really frustrating. He has already missed out - he keeps missing out.”

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(via The Daily Mirror)

Evi says he is now attempting to negotiate with administrators at Samuel Ryder Academy and says that he is beyond frustrated by the situation.

“He went back to school on the Monday, they put him in isolation on the Tuesday and I called the school up on Wednesday but they said he couldn't go in to lessons,” Evi said. “He can't have a normal hair cut and I can't even get him out of the school. My son has said that other kids have been out into isolation too. He used to have his hair how he wanted it and there was no problems - he has got good reports for behavior and everything. It's really frustrating.”

The headteacher at Samuel Ryder Academy says that they informed Mousiou and his father of the policy at the beginning of the year and also says they stand behind their policy.

“We have many pupils with a short back and sides but the school rules regarding haircuts state that hair must not be shorter than a grade two,” headteacher Matthew Gauthier explained. “This information is given to parents when a child starts at the school. At the start of the school year when he joined us, we reminded Anthony of the school rules regarding haircuts because his hair was a 0.5 grade, much shorter than the rules allowed. In accordance with the school rules and his previous warning, Anthony was placed in internal exclusion for one day.

“The head of year called Anthony's father to explain the situation. Mr Mousiou decided to take Anthony out of school, rather than accept the sanction,” Gauthier continued. “Mr Mousiou kept Anthony out of school against our wishes for nearly 3 weeks. Like every school, we have our own set of rules, standards and expectations and it is very important that these rules are consistently applied. This is also the first time that we have had a parent respond in this manner.”

Sources:The Daily Mirror, Daily Mail, Metro UK / Photo Source: The Daily Mirror, WikiCommons


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