12-Year-Old Minnesota Boy Arrested For Prank 911 Call About 'School Shooting'

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A 12-year-old Minnesota boy was arrested Wednesday after prank calling 911 about a fake school shooting.

One Minnesota school district locked down a middle school, high school and Central Education Campus in New Prague, as a result of the threat. According to Scott County Sheriff Kevin Studnicka, the phone call was placed 8 a.m. Wednesday morning and the caller on the line said he needed help because there was a shooter in the building with an AK-47.

While on the line with dispatch, the caller was asked for his phone number but responded it was a new phone and didn’t know the number yet.

Police quickly arrived at the scene and determined that no one was hurt, said Police Chief Mark Vosejpka. They then arrested a 12-year-old boy they suspected made the phone call.

The school district cancelled classes at the middle school and high school—which has an estimated combined enrollment of 2,067— for the rest of the day, but will resume normal class schedule on Thursday.

Earlier this year, the school district was also victim to a bomb threat from a student, who was expelled after the incident. 

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