12-Year-Old May Be Charged As An Adult For Shooting Someone In A Drug Deal Gone Wrong

A 12-year-old might charged as an adult for allegedly murdering 30-year-old Ray Fisher in Omaha, Nebraska, on June 29. The tween, who was found in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the third suspect to be arrested in connection with Fisher’s murder - the other two are ages 15 and 17.

Both Fisher and his brother Charles were struck by gunfire on June 29, but Charles survived, KETV reported. Prosecutors said Charles met with the juveniles to sell them marijuana, but they attempted to rob him and wound up shooting Ray at close range. Prosecutors said the murder was gang related.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine said he was “thrilled” the 12-year-old was in custody and said he was a danger to others. "They'll be looking into, 'How did he get to Minnesota? Who helped him? Who assisted him?' And we'll see where that leads us," Kleine said.

Kleine said all three boys had guns at the time of the shooting. "Two guns (were) recovered. To have young people at this age involved in that kind of violence is very troubling,” he added.

The youngest suspect’s mother was convicted of felony assault when he was a toddler. At the time, she had seven children, all under the age of 18, WOWT reported.

Russien Cherry, the victim’s girlfriend, was stunned by the attack. "How is a little baby going to have a gun?” she asked. "Either he was already a thug, (his mother) doesn't care -- something, but it doesn't make sense.” Still, she’s unsympathetic. 

"No, I don't feel bad for them," Cherry said. "They did grown-people acts, so they should be treated like an adult.”

Kleine has charged the older boys as adults and he hopes to charge the 12-year-old as an adult as well. "There's a question with regard to the 12-year-old under the new law whether we can proceed in adult court. There isn't any question, in my mind, (that) there are gang ties with the individuals who are charged.”

Sources: WOWT, KETV Image via Hakan Gokbayrak/Flickr


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