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12-Year-Old Transgender Boy Shares His Story

Shane Oliver, a young boy from Skegness, Lincolnshire in the U.K., was only 6 years old when he told his mother that he hated wearing dresses and having long hair.

"Even while growing up [Shane] always preferred boys' clothing and wouldn't play with girls' stuff," Shane's mother, Leanne, told the Daily Mail. Shane, whose birth name was Shanice, returned to school this year in boys' clothing and going by his new name.

"It has been much better since I went back to school as Shane, all of my friends have been really supportive," said the boy, who loves skateboarding and comic books.

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"Most of my classmates understood why I came back to school as a boy and with the others I helped to explain it to them in a different way. I told them I was meant to be a boy but I came out as a girl, so I was born as the wrong person," the 12-year-old added.

Two years ago, when Shane was 10, he broke down in tears in front of his mother, saying that he hated his life because he felt like he was in the wrong body.

"When Shanice broke down in tears and told me she hated her life and that she was born a female but she knew she wasn't a girl - it broke my heart," said Leanne.

She also said that since Shane began living as a boy she's seen the relief on his face. "He used to have long hair too but was never happy about it and before I always had to force Shanice to smile, but since having cut his hair and living as a boy he's been a smiling ray of sunshine."

Shane is currently in counseling, and will go to Children and Adult Mental Health Services later this year to discuss future plans with his transition.

Leanne said that although a lot of people thought that Shane would grow out of wanting to be a boy, he has been the same since he was six years old.

"At first I was a little worried too that he may change his mind about living as a boy, but he knows who he is and as long as he's happy that's all that matters," she said.

Source: Daily Mail, The Mirror / Photo Credit: Flickr

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