12-Year-Old Girl Latest Victim of "The Fire Challenge"

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A 12-year-old Missouri girl was rushed to the hospital earlier this week after being badly burned. She was the latest victim of a new trend called "The Fire Challenge". This recent new trend is horrifying parents all over the country and for good reason.

The challenge is rather simple: teens light themselves on fire using alcohol, and, theoretically, hope that the substance will absorb the heat of the fire until it burns out, leaving the participant unharmed.

This, of course, does not tend to work out in the participant's favor, and many of the teens and pre-teens that are taking part are being badly injured.

The latest victim of this dangerous new trend is Daisy Schumer, 12, of Cape Girardeau, Mo. Schumer is currently in stable condition, though she suffered severe burns to her back as a result of attempting The Fire Challenge.

In an interview with local news station KFVS 12, Daisy claimed that she was not a willing participant in the "stunt", though she did not out the person who lit her on fire. She stated, "This person poured the perfume on my stomach and then I told her to stop and then she lit the lighter and I was rolling on the ground trying to get it out and it burned my back."

As previously stated in this article, this incident is not an isolated one by any means. There have been several other recent reports of teens being badly burned after partaking in The Fire Challenge.

A 15 year-old Kentucky boy, who wishes not to be identified, is recovering from second-degree burns after attempting the fire challenge earlier this week.

He told WKYT, a local CBS station, "I just poured alcohol on [my chest], and lit it, and it just automatically went and burst."


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