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12-Year-Old Girl Grazed By Stray Bullet in NYC Apartment

A 12-year-old Manhattan girl was grazed by a stray bullet while she sat on her bed. The bullet ricocheted off the fire escape, broke her bedroom window and landed in her hair. She quickly shook it off.

The seventh-grader, Kamaili, was sitting on her Strawberry Shortcake bedspread in her lavender bedroom doing her social studies homework when the incident occurred.

Her 46-year-old mother came to her room when she heard the screaming. Together, they huddled on the floor of her parents’ bedroom.

The bullet left a burn mark on Kamaili’s neck. Just a few inches and the shot could have been fatal.

On her window was a 2.5-inch-diameter bullet hole and another one in her purple polka dot curtains.

“It was just confusing and upsetting,” Kamaili’s mother, who did not want to be identified. “Unbelievable that this could happen.”

Kamaili was taken to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital to treat the burn.

Her family has since moved Kamaili’s bed to a different wall in her room, away from the window.

“Too many of our kids are dying,” her mother said.

Police have made no arrests.

A 14-year-old girl was shot and killed Saturday on an MTA bus in Queens. D’Asia Robinson had just attended a friend’s birthday party and was on her way to another with a friend when a stray bullet pierced the Q6 bus window, hitting her in the head.

Kamaili’s neighbor, Linda Brown, 50, said gunfire in the neighborhood increases as the summer heats up. “There are kids hanging out in the streets … The first crack of warm and they go crazy.”

The increase in homicides during the summer, from July to September, is tied to the increase in social interaction, according to a report in the New York Times. People get together when it’s warm outside, going to bars and parties during the evening, the peak time when murders occur.

Source: NY Daily News, Fox, NY Times


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