12-Year-Old Girl Dead After Being Thrown From Roof Of Car


A 12-year-old Texas girl is dead after a woman had her sit on the roof of her car so that she didn’t get the interior of the vehicle wet with her bathing suit.

According to reports, Kisha Young told her daughter and five friends that they couldn’t sit in the car with wet bathing suits, so for the one-minute-long journey back to their home from the community pool, she had the girls sit on the roof of the car. As Young made a turn around a corner, all five girls were thrown off the vehicle. Young and her passenger, the deceased girl’s mother, didn’t even realize that the girls had been thrown off until a bystander flagged them down.

All the children, who were between the ages of 8 and 14, were taken to the hospital for injuries, and all but 12-year-old Octavia Watkins were later released. Watkins suffered a severe head injury as a result of the fall, and a week after the incident, she was taken off life support.

“She was totally unconscious the whole time, so that was my main concern," said witness Albert Garcia. "I know the mom didn’t do this on purpose. She was trying to have fun. But she needed to think this through a little bit more."

Following the incident, it was discovered that Young was intoxicated while operating the vehicle. She has been charged with intoxication assault and is facing other charges of injury to a child and DWI with a child.

“The adults involved are responsible for the children and whatever happens to them while they are in their care,” said Officer CC Meadows.

The other children involved are all in the custody of family members while an investigation continues. Watkins’ mother, who was in the vehicle at the time of the incident, may also face charges.

Sources: NY Daily News, Dallas News, NBCDFW


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