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12-Year-Old Girl Accidentally Shot to Death by 15-Year-Old Boy in South Carolina

South Carolina resident Hope Alexandria Fair, 12, died after being shot in the head, and now, a 15-year-old boy is in police custody.

Reports claim that the Fair was visiting a friend when the 15-year-old boy, who is the friend’s cousin, entered the room with a shotgun. Initially, the boy said that he heard the gunshots and came into the home to find Fair shot to death, but after questioning, it was determined that he did in fact fire the shot. The suspect was the one who made the emergency call.

“He called the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office stating that he had walked into a residence after hearing a gunshot and found a 12-year-old female on the floor with a gunshot wound,” said Lt. Jawarski Shelton. “Eventually, he admitted that he was actually holding the gun when it fired and that he was actually loading a magazine into the weapon. When he pulled the slide back, the gun fired.”

Police believe the shooting was unintentional, and the boy faces charges of involuntary manslaughter. Fair was flown to a nearby hospital where she was eventually pronounced dead.

Fair’s mother Michelle says she understands that it was an accident and feels sorry for the suspect and his family while still grieving over the loss of her daughter.

“She was definitely one of a kind,” said Michelle. “She was so beautiful. I know it was an accident, and he’ll have to pay for that accident for a long time. I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for him. I’ll lose my daughter forever. They’re going to lose their kid for a long time, too.”

Police eventually found the weapon in a wooded area surrounding the home at which Fair was shot. They say that the 15-year-old boy took the gun from his grandfather’s vehicle without his permission.


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