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Parents Join Lawsuit After Student Bullied In Bathroom

A family is taking legal action against their daughter's school after a video of her being attacked in the school's bathroom by a fellow classmate surfaced online.

According to Hollie King, her 12-year-old daughter was attacked in the bathroom of Crosby Middle School (located in Louisville, Kentucky) on the morning of April 14, reports the Daily Mail. A cell phone video taken of the event shows another girl striking the 12-year-old across the face before pulling her down to deliver blows to the back of her head. According to WAVE, the confrontation started when the 12-year-old sat in the bully's seat during class. 

On April 26, the King family held a press conference to discuss what happened to their daughter, according to WAVE. They say that they were not informed of the incident until April 24, a full 10 days after it took place. In addition, they said that they were not shown the video until April 26.

The Kings took their daughter to the emergency room, where it was found that she had suffered various head wounds and a shoulder separation.

"When I took her to the emergency room, they told me she’s lucky she didn’t have internal brain bleeding," said Hollie. The girl's parents also said that she had an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon scheduled for April 27.

The King family is being legally represented by Teddy Gordon. Gordon has said that if the 12-year-old's attacker is let back into school, the family will seek to file a restraining order against her. Gordon also said that he is seeking a state takeover of the middle school and increased Louisville Metro police presence.

This is not the only legal action that Crosby Middle School is facing. Back in December, WAVE reported that parents and grandparents of children at the school filed a federal lawsuit that named the Jefferson County School Board, Superintendent Donna Hargens, the principal, two assistant principals, and three counselors at Crosby Middle School as the defendants.

The plaintiffs claimed that their children and grandchildren had experienced recurring bullying at the school, but that incidents had not been adequately addressed by the administration.

"It's a ticking time bomb," one of the plaintiffs said. "If they don't do something about this now something worse is going to happen."

"They’re forced to go to this school, and if they don't get that safe learning, educational environment that is guaranteed to them by the statutes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, then they have no civil rights," said Gordon of the situation back in December. 

The Kings will join the seven other families involved in the previous lawsuit which is still pending, according to WAVE. The amendment to the lawsuit was set to be filed on April 26. 

Sources: Daily Mail, WAVE (2) / Photo credit: ​Joe Wolf/Flickr

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