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12-Year-Old Dalton Day Injured After School Principal Paddles Him

The parents of a Texas middle school student believe their son was injured when he was struck with a paddle by his school’s principal.

Dalton Day's parents say their son suffered a dislocated tailbone and severe bruising after the principal of Nottingham Middle School in Dayton, Texas, paddled him.

Lisa Day, the boy's mother, says she got a phone call on Friday about her son misbehaving and shoving another student. Lisa gave her permission for the paddling to take place. She wasn’t prepared for the results.

"I'm devastated," said Lisa. "He pulled his pants down and what I saw was the paddle board across his bottom."  Lisa says that her son was bleeding and that she has photos and x-rays to prove the damage that was done to her son’s backside.

Parents have the right grant their permission for corporal punishment at the school.

"I gave him permission," she said.  "I expected maybe a red bottom but not this excessive."  Lisa said that Dalton had been paddled before and that the results were much less severe. "The same man popped Dalton once before but it was fine," she said.

According to 12-year-old Dalton, the principal used a paddle made out of wood wrapped in blue electrical tape. The young man thinks the paddle was about an inch think and 18 inches long. Dalton says he was hit hard, Click 2 Houston reported.

"I looked back and he was standing in a baseball stance," said Dalton. "He swung with both hands."

"Dayton ISD is doing an investigation into a parent's report about their 6th grade student receiving corporal punishment at school. They allege that the pops were excessive in nature and that their child was injured. As soon as the investigation is complete, more information will be available,” Dayton Independent School District said in a statement.

Sources: Click 2 Houston, ABC 13


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