12-Year-Old Cancer Patient Was Target Of Facebook Threats, Forced To Leave Town


A 12-year-old cancer patient in Texas said on Tuesday the threats and hateful messages he received from an anonymous Facebook user made him sick and eventually made him go into hiding.

Cristian Beasley has leukemia. He was targeted by the same 13-year-old girl who was arrested Sunday by police for making terroristic threats against an entire town. 

"I am going to kill everyone in Splendora on July 13, 2014,” read one of the Facebook messages that left residents of the small Texas town on edge throughout the weekend.

Beasley said one of the first messages he received said simply, “(You) should have died.”

“The first night I got it, the message, it was kind of scary,” Beasley told the New York Daily News. “I felt like I was getting watched and I couldn't sleep that night and later that night I got sick … I thought someone was trying to hunt me down or something.”

Beasley's mother, Amy Gaskamp, said she learned the next morning that whoever was sending the messages was also targeting Beasley's friends with messages like, "Go die with Cristian Beasley.”

“There was like a ton of them, telling them that they should hang themselves. If they didn't have the guts to do it themselves she'd do it for them. Just terrible things,” Gaskamp said.

The messages were reportedly coming from a Facebook profile with the name Melissa Johnson. Police have said that the profile was either a fake or was hacked by the girl they allege sent the threats.

"I didn't know if it was a 13-year-old or an adult. But for me, it was real. My son, being sick because of it, that was real. These kids, commenting on Facebook, that was real,” Gaskamp told KPRC News

Gaskamp said she eventually sent Beasley to stay with his father who lives in another town. 

Because the suspect is a minor, police have not released the name of the girl they believe made the threats. The charge of making terroristic threats is a third degree felony. She remains in custody.

Beasley said knowing that police had arrested a suspect, and that it wasn’t an adult threatening him, made him feel a little safer.

“I don’t think a 13-year-old could do much but I've seen news out there that there are 13 year-olds who have done some crazy stuff,” he said.

Sources: New York Daily News, KPRC News

Photo Source: Facebook: Team Cristian


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