12-Year-Old Boy Dies From Accident Involving Fireworks


A boy in Tennessee died from injuries after playing with fireworks.

Antonio Braden, 12, from Nashville, Tennessee, was  lighting some sort of mortar shell on June 28 when it exploded and hit him in the chest, reports The Tennessean. 

Antonio, according to authorities, was with a group of teens who were setting off bottle rockets and other fireworks. Joshua Woods, 24, was setting off artillery-style firework shells when he says he spotted two young teens grab them.

He asked Antonio to retrieve a broken firework shell for him, and the next thing he saw was the 12-year-old holding a tube pointed towards the sky while another boy lit the firework.

According to Woods, the firework went off and made a strange noise. Antonio then ran about 30 feet before collapsing, reports WSMV.

Woods and another man rushed Antonio to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead. No charges have been filed, as police are conducting an investigation into the incident. 

Sources: WSMV, The Tennessean

Photo Credit: WSMV


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