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12-Foot-Tall Statue of Gun-Wielding Soldier Stands Outside School Where Boy with NRA Shirt was Arrested

Logan County Middle School of West Virginia announced its gun stance to the world earlier this month when they were involved with the highly controversial arrest of 14-year-old Jared Marcum. Marcum came to school wearing an NRA t-shirt, but Marcum refused to take it off. The school called the police, which led to an arrest, and now Marcum could face up to 1 year in prison for obstructing an officer.

Clearly, the Logan County Middle School does not have a good opinion of guns.

Or does it?

Standing outside of the school is the The Doughboy, a seven-foot-tall statue atop a 12-foot-tall granite base. The statue depicts a soldier with a grenade hefted in his right hand as if he’s prepared to throw it and a bayonet-equipped rifle in his left hand. A plaque at the foot of the statue lists the names of 39 men who died defending American values during World War I.

Another monument, the War Memorial, stands near The Doughboy. The War Memorial lists the causalities from WWII, Korean, and Vietnam conflicts.

A description of The Doughboy on the official Logan County website reads, “this memorial was erected so that people passing by hurriedly in pursuit of riches might take a quick glance up at the soldier and remember the boys who fell fighting for freedom and democracy.”

That’s awfully ironic considering that Marcum’s NRA shirt read, “Protect your right.”

It is acceptable to the county to erect a 19-foot-tall statue celebrating fighting in defense of America, but it’s not acceptable for teenagers in the public school system to wear clothing that promotes the Second Amendment.

What’s your take on this story? Are county officials acting like hypocrites? Or do you think that the shirt and the monument are different enough that the school was justified in demanding Marcum remove his shirt? 

Source: Daily Caller


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