11th Bomb Hoax Leads to All Male Students Being Punished At Idaho High School

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A recent bomb threat forced Boundary County School District leaders to take away student privileges at Bonners Ferry High School in Idaho. But only male students are paying the price to what is the 11th bomb threat hoax at the school in two years.

Parents received an email alert on Saturday notifying them that Bonners Ferry High School would be a closed campus for all male students. These students are no longer able to leave campus during school hours unless with a parent or for an approved reason.

“Students must either bring their own lunch or purchase one from the school,” stated the email alert.

Superintendent Dick Conley told KHQ that all but one of the 11 threats have been written on the boys’ bathroom wall. The closed campus for male students is a direct response to what he thinks is an isolated issue, Conley said.

Only two students have been prosecuted and one has been expelled for their roles in past bomb threats. All threats turned out to be hoaxes and no bomb has ever been found.

The school has installed cameras near bathroom doors to battle the ongoing bomb threats.

The latest bomb hoax came Thursday when teachers evacuated the high school.

The threat was found in the boys’ bathroom around 9:30 a.m., NWCN reported. Nothing was found and there were no reports of any injuries.

Students were evacuated for about two hours during the search. School then resumed as normal.

District leaders continue to look for other methods to try and stop these hoax threats, Conley said, even considering removing bathroom doors.

Sources: NWCN.com, KHQ.com


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