11-Year-Old Wilnery Polanco-Uben Texts Friends, Kills Self

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On Monday, 11-year-old Wilnery Polanco-Uben, skipped school, sent suicidal texts via her cell phone and then committed suicide by hanging herself, in the Bronx.

Landlord Bobby Singh told the NY Daily News that Polanco-Uben's mother was searching for the little girl: “She said her daughter was missing. Everyone in the building began searching for her. We opened the door in the apartment, but no one saw her. We looked outside. We looked everywhere."

“After about 20 minutes, my cousin looked at their apartment again and that’s when he saw her. She was hanging behind the door, but no one noticed because the door was opened and she was behind it.”

Students from Intermediate School 98 told Singh that Polanco-Ube had threatened to kill herself that day via cell phone messages, but school administrators claim not to have any knowledge of such texts.

Police said there was no evidence of bullying.


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