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11-Year-Old Unexpectedly Dies, Dad Makes Shocking Discovery When He Sees Son's Grave

An Oklahoma father visited his 11-year-old son's grave following his suicide and came to a heart-wrenching realization: that he needed to devote his life to fighting the bullying that killed his beloved boy (video below). 

Kirk Smalley told KOTV that his son, Ty, killed himself after being bullied at school.

“We're in a parent's nightmare. We lost our baby. It's not supposed to happen. They're supposed to put you in the ground,” he said. 

Smalley told the station that his son was sticking up for himself against the boy who was bullying him for an entire year, but eventually got wore out.

“I think he was tired of fighting it. I don't think he had anything left in him,” he said. He and his wife complained to school officials, but nothing changed.

“She's talked to the school a lot and the most answers we usually got were, 'Boys will be boys,'" Smalley said. The father and his wife decided to take action after their son’s death and speak to schools about bullying.

“My wife and I are adamant. Something needs to be done. If you're being bullied find help. Don't be afraid to talk about it,” he said. He’s been contacted by a filmmaker who is working on a documentary about kids who kill themselves after being bullied, and he and his wife are helping in every way they can to help it come to fruition.

Superintendent James Ramsey said that there was no indication that any bullying occurred, but wasn’t sure if complaints were made to the principal.

“I would guess that most bullies are experiencing violence in their own`s a way of life for them,” one Newsiosity reader wrote in response to the heartbreaking story.

“When I was in high school 3 girls bullied me. So one day, I got the smallest one alone (oo and the girls were large). I think I had more of her hair in my hands than she had on her head. (Probably baldless today lol). Anyway the end of that story. Problem solved. Bullies are Corwards and run in Packs. Total Anger self hate issues. So I say to them, when you walk on water, I will then care what you have to say about me! Amen,” another added. 

Sources: KOTVNewsiosity / Photo credit: Newsiosity

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