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11-Year-Old Goes into Labor, At Her Wedding!

What's stranger -- an 11-year-old getting married, or an 11-year-old giving birth? Well, this bizarre story out of Bulgaria has both.

A pregnant Kordeza Zhelyazkova was at her own wedding last month, when she went into labor. She was rushed to a hospital in her wedding dress, where she gave birth to a healthy 5-pound, eight-ounce baby girl she named Violeta.

"I'm not going to play with toys anymore -- I have a new toy now," Kordeza told the Newsof the World. "It feels I must grow up. I am not going back to school."

The baby's father is 19-year-old Jeliazko Dimitrov. He says he met Kordeza less than a year ago, when he rescued her from bullies in a playground. He says Kordeza was the one who asked him out on a date. "We didn't plan to have sex or a baby, although I fell in love with Kordeza the moment I saw her," Jeliazko said.

A week later Kordeza was pregnant, and Jeliazko found himself facing six years in prison for having sex with a minor. The age of consent in Bulgaria is 14.

But before you crucify Jeliazko he claims, "I thought she was 15. She didn't tell me she was 11. I was really scared."

Kordeza backs him up, admitting, "I didn't want to say in case he wouldn't fancy me."

Being so young, Kordeza didn't even realize at first that she was carrying a baby. "I didn't know I was pregnant until my grandmother saw I had put on weight," she added. "I just thought I'd eaten too many burgers."

Kordeza and Jeliazko planned a three day wedding so they could be married before the baby was born. But Violeta arrived on day two.

"I had been having pain in the morning and a couple of hours into the wedding, it got worse," she said. "It was quite easy but painful, too. I was very happy when I saw her. She has a nose like me and hair like Jeliazko."

The charges against Jelizako are still pending.


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