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Little Girl Finds Wanted Man Hiding In Her Closet

It's every child's worst nightmare come true.

Presley Brown, 10, was relaxing in her room at her home in Ardmore, Oklahoma, when suddenly, a strange man jumped out from her closet, KFOR reports.

“I started screaming bloody murder, and he said 'Don't be scared, little girl' and I just started running,” Presley said, Tribune Media Wire reports.

Presley's parents had already heard her scream and came running. 

“We hear her scream,” said Monica Brown, Presley's mother. “We come flying around the corner. We meet her in the hallway. She's literally, she's just crying.”

Presley's father quickly grabbed the intruder.

“I was running outside screaming, crying, saying 'Help, help' and, so, I just ran over to the neighbor’s house and she called 911,” Presley said.

Despite Presley's father's best efforts, the man broke free and escaped.

“I saw him running, and he jumped over our fence,” Presley recalled, adding that he had fled the scene with $100 of her birthday money.

Police were able to catch up with the man. It was eventually revealed the intruder was 26-year-old Race Cox, a man who had two felony warrants out for his arrest.

While authorities arrested Cox, the Brown family may never be the same.

“Every time I come in my closet or my room or my bathroom, anywhere, I just think about it and like I remember how scary it was,” Presley said.

Monica is also trying to recover from the ordeal.

“He could have put his hand over her mouth," she said. "Who knows, who knows what could have happened, but now it just makes us a lot more aware."

They were relieved to know Cox is behind bars.

"You just never, never know," Monica told KXII. "This is not something we ever expected but thank God nothing really bad happened and everything worked out fine."

Sources: KFORTribune Media Wire via WTIC,KXII/ Photo credit: KXII

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