11-Year-Old Draws Pictures Depicting the Murder of His Teacher, Mother


Police in Colleton County, S.C., responded to a call at an elementary school after a teacher found pictures drawn by an 11-year-old student depicting her death. The 11-year-old boy had also drawn a picture of himself pushing his mother off a cliff.

The Walterboro Public Safety Department confirmed that officers responded to a call about a student threatening his teacher at Forest Hills Elementary School.

The teacher said another student told her that the offender was drawing her in a “state of bodily harm.” When she asked the boy about it, he said it was a picture of her with a broken leg, but he had already thrown it away.

Once she was alone, the teacher discovered a number of pictures the boy had drawn. A drawing showed a stick figure labeled “ME” firing a gun at a figure given the teacher’s name. The caption read “DOESN’T FEEL GOOD DOES IT.”

Another showed a female lying in a puddle of blood with a knife on the ground.

Another included a stick figure labeled “me” pushing another person off what appeared to be a cliff.

Police reported the boy originally denied drawing the knife picture, but later admitted to making all the drawings. He also admitted the last picture was of himself pushing his mother off a cliff. He said he was upset with his teacher over his incomplete homework and knew his mother would also be angry with him.

A juvenile petition will be completed and filed with the Department of Juvenile Justice, the public safety department said.

The student was released to his mother.

Sources: live5news.com, Post and Courier


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