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Mom Upset After 11-Year-Old Son's World Book Day Costume Gets Him Banned From School Activities (Video)

An 11-year-old boy went to school dressed as Christian Grey from “Fifty Shades of Grey” for World Book Day, but his teachers were apparently not amused and told him he couldn’t participate in activities with his classmates.

According to reports, 11-year-old Liam Scholes of Manchester, England told his mom he wanted to dress up as Christian Grey for World Book Day. The school had asked students to dress up as famous literary characters, so Scholes thought it would be a good idea to come to school as the main character of the popular erotic novel.

Liam’s mother Nicola Scholes, a teacher herself, says she doesn’t understand why her son’s costume was so offensive when others dressed up as things that were far worse; one teacher reportedly dressed up as serial killer Dexter.

“One of the teachers went dressed as Dexter and I don’t see why sex is seen as more offensive than murder,” Nicola told BBC Radio 5 Live. “If it was a primary school I could understand but it’s a secondary school and the book and the film have been everywhere – it’s one of the most famous books in recent years and it’s not like the pupils will be unaware of it.”

Nicola also added that students came into school dressed as American Sniper Chris Kyle or James Bond and were carrying toy guns, but they weren’t excluded from activities or sent home from school.

“We thought it was funny. We were walking home from school and he had the idea of going as Christian Grey,” Nicola explained. “At first we laughed it off but then we discussed it with a few friends and saw the funny side and decided it was quite a good costume idea.

"He went in a suit and shoes and with an eye mask and cable ties. The cable ties were tiny and not enough to do anything with them. We didn’t think there would be a problem.”

Salem High School, which Liam attends, has yet to comment on the issue.

“It has been massively blown out of proportion,” Nicola said. “It was meant as a laugh and tongue-in-cheek.”

Sources: Metro UK, BBC News / Photo Sources: Metro UK, BBC News


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