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11-Year-Old Boy Charged With Manslaughter After Fatally Shooting 3-Year-Old

An 11-year-old boy was charged with manslaughter after allegedly shooting a 3-year-old to death with his father’s gun in Michigan earlier this week. Although police are saying it was an accidental shooting, the 11-year-old is now facing several serious charges.

On Aug. 3, the older boy is said to have shot the toddler in the face outside a home on the east side of Detroit. The 3-year-old boy was transported to St. John Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, and was pronounced dead upon arrival, CBS Detroit reported. 

The name of the 11-year-old has not been released due to his age.

According to Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, the older boy had been visiting his father’s home when he found a handgun in a bedroom closet. The boy then took the gun, tossed it out of a window into a back garden and later retrieved it, BBC reported.

Worthy said after getting the gun outside, the boy took it into a parked car where the 3-year-old later joined him. A short time later in the vehicle, the toddler was shot in the face, prosecutors say.

Police on the scene said the boys had been “playing with” the gun when the little boy was shot. 

Now, along with manslaughter, the older boy faces two charges of death by weapon aimed with intent, but without malice. He is also facing a felony firearm charge. 

“I cannot remember a time when we have charged someone so young with taking a life,” Worthy said in a statement. “Very unfortunately and very tragically, the alleged facts in this case demanded it.”

The boy appeared in a juvenile court on Aug. 5 for a preliminary hearing where bail was set at $5,000. 

BBC reported it is not clear whether a person of his age could be competent enough to face the charges. In this case, prosecutors would need to prove that the 11-year-old had “criminal intent.”

The boy’s attorney requested a competency hearing and a pre-trial hearing was scheduled for Aug. 10, CBS Detroit reported.

“The charged respondent here will remain in the juvenile system, but the case remains under investigation,” Worthy’s statement noted. 

Since the death of the child, a GoFundMe page was created to accept donations for funeral expenses. 

“His bright smile, contagious laughter, and sweet personality will forever be missed,” the victim’s family said of the boy.

Source: BBC, CBS Detroit / Photo credit: CBS Detroit


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