11-Week-Old Baby Dies After Swallowing Meth (Video)

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Luceilia Bokker was just 11 weeks old when she was found dead on the morning of Nov. 30, 2014, in St. Francis County, Arkansas.

“I heard SIDS is what they said happened to her,” one family member told WREG.

Bokker’s death was actually the result of a methamphetamine overdose. An autopsy found toxic levels of the drug in her heart, blood and stomach. Authorities said she swallowed the drugs while in the care of her parents, who had been arrested for drug-related offenses in the past. 

The infant’s parents, Douglas Bokker and Sara Kizer, are facing first-degree murder charges for leaving the drugs where the baby could have access to them. Authorities believe the infant ingested the drugs while crawling around in their home.

Sources: WREG, Stevens Funeral Home Image via Stevens Funeral Home


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