11 Bikers Indicted In Alexian Lien Beating As Victim Appears In Public Fully Healed


Alexian Lien, the SUV driver brutally beaten by a mob of motorcyclists in New York City Sept. 29, appears to be fully recovered from his injuries, as 11 of the motorcycle riders who pulled him from his vehicle and assaulted him were indicted Friday.

Among those now facing trial on charges ranging from assault and criminal mischief to rioting is Wojciech Braszczok, 32, an undercover New York police officer who was off duty while riding with the large pack of motorcyclists.

The cop is accused of taking part in the attack by smashing the back window of Lien’s Range Rover.

Lien was in the vehicle with his wife and two-year-old daughter when the group of bikers surrounded his vehicle. A video which was quickly posted on the internet brought national attention to the frightening incident.

In the video, one of the bikers appears to slow in from of the Range Rover. Lien’s vehicle then accidentally bumps the motorcycle, setting off the incident.

As the angry motorcyclists swarm the vehicle, Lien hits the gas. As he speeds away, he runs over another one of the bikers, Edwin Mieses, who reportedly suffered spinal damage that may rob him of the ability to walk.

Among the indicted riders was Christopher Cruz, identified as the motorcyclist who suddenly hit the brakes directly in front of Lien’s SUV, causing the initial contact. Cruz faces a charge of third-degree criminal mischief which could land him a three-year prison term.

The other indicted riders face more serious counts that could lead to 25-year terms.

Lien was hospitalized after the beating, but when a New York Daily News photographer saw him Sunday, his face showed no signs of the bruises or lacerations that were conspicous a little more than month ago.

The original video of the incident is below. Check out full Opposing Views coverage of the Alexian Lien beating here.

SOURCES: New York Daily News, WPIX TV, CBS News


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