Man Watches 9/11 Attacks Before Takeoff (Video)


A video of man who was watching clips from 9/11 on a plane before takeoff has gone viral and sparked debate (video below).

A passenger who was on a flight in the U.S. posted a video to YouTube in which a man near him on the plane is seen watching footage of the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City on his phone, Daily Mail reports. The clip has racked up more than 200,000 views in less than a day, and became a top trend on Reddit.

In the video, a JetBlue pilot is heard instructing passengers over the loudspeaker before takeoff, and the camera zooms in to reveal that a man in front of the passenger holding the camera is watching a video of smoke billowing out of the World Trade Center after the deadly terror attacks.

Response to the video by commenters was mixed, but many were angry or confused.

"Dude you should have filmed and tapped on his shoulder and asked him why in the world you would watch WTC plane crash while you are sitting in an actual airplane?" asked one YouTube commenter. "Are you demented to think about that man? People died on that tower."

Other commenters said the response to the man, who the Daily Mail reports appears to be white, would be different had he looked Arab. A commenter who goes by the username Mohammed Ali said that the man would have been received much more dramatically if he had "been brown and had a beard," according to The Sun.

"A lot of you are saying that if he was a different race something else would have happened," weighed in another user. "I don’t care what race you are if I saw someone watching a 9/11 video as my flight was taking off I would be getting my a-- off that plane ASAP. Watching that as your plane takes off is just too odd and uncomfortable for me to want to stay on."

Other commenters said that while the fact that he was watching the video was "a little weird," the man was still "minding his own business."

Commenters on Reddit tried to find the humor in the situation, making jokes about the man's bizarre choice of video.

"I'm feeling a bit anxious about my flight," wrote one commenter sarcastically. "Maybe I'll have a cup of coffee and watch plane crash videos to take the edge off."

Source: Daily Mail, The Sun, Reddit / Photo credit: Synging Sous/YouTube via The Sun

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