11-Acre Portrait Of Girl Making Wish Plowed Into Field (Video)


A portrait of a 6-year-old girl has been plowed into a field in Belfast, Ireland, after a process that included moving a huge amount of soil and sand with the help of satellite navigation.

Jorge Rodriguez-Gerada’s “Wish” is the latest of the artist’s earthworks portraits. It didn’t happen overnight though, as the process took a year and half to complete and required moving more than 4,400 tons of soil and sand.

The 11-acre land art portrait of a girl making a wish has opened this year’s Belfast Festival at Queen’s. The amazing work is located in the Titanic Quarter of the city and to get a great view, one needs to be above the ground. It is best seen by helicopter or when on a plane arriving into the city.

The artwork will be in place until the end of the year with viewings also available from tall buildings in the area.

“Wish wasn’t something that just got presented, it was a process,” said Rodriguez-Gerada. “Getting to know the city on multiple trips and letting the creative flow helped bring the image to me of what I wanted to do.”

MSN adds that Rodriguez-Gerada began with a picture of the girl making a wish with the goal to “make that pure and simple look into something very profound and large.”

Sources: MSN, Belfast Telegraph


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