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$10K Dropped From Helicopter Over Delaware Town to Honor Anonymous Person's Final Wishes

An unidentified person in Delaware left $10,000 to the people of Lewes. Honoring the person’s final wishes the cash was dropped from a helicopter Saturday.

People near Lewes Harbor were stunned.

“Nobody really knew what was happening until it happened," Kara Miele, who works at Irish Eyes at the marina, told WBOC 16.

"And once the commotion of it all – like all – You could see that they were yelling that it was money and then everyone knew it was money. And then the customers ran over and we ran over. Nobody was like fighting with each other for it but everyone was just scrambling trying to grab everything they could."

Lewes police were at the scene of the money drop. There was no fighting or arguing, but two local boaters were sent to the hospital for minor injures they received while trying to retrieve the money.

"This is probably the most exciting things that has happened here I assume," she said. "It was just so fast - you know."

Miele ended up with $170. Some people left with up to $700, according to WBOC 16.

Irish Eyes' bartender John Siddons said the money landed in the marina parking area and then scattered into woods and water nearby.

"People were swimming through the canal," Siddons said. "Boats coming in, scooping it up with nets. 50s, 20s, 10s, 5s - whatever they could get. It was pretty crazy."

Bill Swords took pictures of the unbelievable event.

"I wanted to get some pictures to show some people," Swords said. "Because nobody believes you when you tell them there was literally $10,000 dropped from the sky."

Sources: Newser, WBOC 16


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