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Kentucky's Oldest World War II Veteran Thought Nobody Would Attend His Funeral; Complete Opposite Happened As Dozens Attend Service

The oldest World War II veteran in Kentucky, and the nation, died on Tuesday, Oct. 21.

Roscoe Cassidy, born in 1907, passed away at age 107, and reportedly told family that “he always worried that because he had outlived so many of his friends, no one would come to his funeral.”

According to WAVE, he served overseas through the end of the war and went back home to Bath County after he was discharged honorably. 

Cassidy’s son Mike says his father loved serving and told his family he would do it again if he could.

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His ardor for serving his country is part of the reason so many friends, family, veterans, and even total strangers came out to Cassidy’s funeral held on Oct. 25 to honor him. reports that the veteran’s story was posted on Reddit, which gained attention and interest among users of the social network to make the journey to Owingsville, Kentucky for the service.

“Google maps says I'm an hour and 1 minute away. I'll be working on Friday, but I'm going to try to make the funeral service on Saturday,” one user commented. “I hate the thought of no one being there and I would love to let the family know that he is appreciated.”

“I'm actually a native of Bath County, KY,” another Redditor said. “Me and two of my friends plan on attending.”

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One person even made the trip down from Ontario. Several commenters who lived hours away tried to carpool with others, just so they could attend the service in Owingsville.

In the words of another Redditor: “RIP Roscoe Cassidy I hope your funeral is jam packed.”

Hat Tip: Independent Journal Review

Sources: WAVE, WKYTRT.comReddit


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