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101-Year-Old 'Dead' Woman Peng Xiuhua Comes Back to Life at Funeral

As she was being put into her coffin after being pronounced dead, a 101-year-old woman sat up and asked why there were so many people in her house.

The people were all there to mourn, but obviously not for long.

Peng Xiuhua, a widow living in Lianjiang City, China, took a fall nearly two weeks ago and had become bed-ridden since then. Her two daughters, both of whom are in their 70's, returned home to take care of her. After looking after their mother for 10 days, the daughters could not detect a heartbeat. Xiuhua’s body had gone stiff and she was declared dead.

The daughters gave Xiuhua a bath, an undertaker dressed her and she was about to be put in her coffin when she came back to life.

After rising from the dead, the elderly woman chose to see the bright side of her brush with the end and was thankful that so many people cared for her.

She also had the somewhat unique experience of being able to see who would show up to her funeral.

Apparently, she liked what she saw.

“I am a lucky woman,” Xiuhua said. “Not only did I get to see how many people care for me, but I also woke up before they took me to the crematorium.”

There has been no explanation for Xiuhua’s bizarrely quick recovery as of yet.



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