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100-Year-Old Man Achieves Childhood Dream


A 100-year-old Thorp, Washington, man achieved a childhood dream, and became a viral sensation after word spread.

Gordon Blossom said ever since he started hunting at 10-years-old, he dreamed about killing an elk at the age of 100, KIMATV reports. Ninety years later, Blossoms got his wish.

"Oh, I really felt good!" he said.

Blossom, who has killed an estimated 40 elk, has been a devoted hunter for his entire life -- with more stories of his trips than one could even imagine.

"I just love to be out in the open and see the animals," he said. "If I didn't get any that was fine."

In 2013, Blossom confirmed to a local paper that he hoped to shoot an elk when he turned 100-years-old. Sure enough, he and his son Rod took a trip to Selah, Washington, on Dec. 27 and drove 40 miles on gravel road to find 300 elk inside a boundary fence in a state park.

The elk reportedly jumped the fence into the hunting area, and then started running. The men followed the animals for four hours.

"They were moving, and I mean moving," he told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. "Probably going 30 miles per hour and I just don’t feel like I should shoot unless I’m pretty sure I can get it. I don’t want a wounded animal."

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Blossom, a master hunter, shot his prize with a Winchester magnum rifle that he's had since 1953. He credits his son with allowing him to enjoy his favorite activity, especially given his age.

"It amounts to: you have to be there when they’re there but you don’t know where there is," he said. "It just happens. If you go often enough, one of those times you’re going to be there when they’re there. This happened to be the time."

The lifelong dream, he admitted, was something he never thought he'd achieve.

"It was kind of a goal that you couldn't quite make. But seeing as how I made that, I'm shooting for 110," he said, KIMATV reports.

Sources: KIMATV, Bozeman Daily Chronicle / Photo credit: Pixabay via Pexels, Bozeman Daily Chronicle

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