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33-Year-Old American Man Killed Fighting For ISIS in Syria

NBC reports that an American man was killed over the weekend while fighting for ISIS in Syria.

The body of Douglas McAuthur McCain was found by the Free Syrian Army after a fight with ISIS. McCain had $800 cash in his pocket and an American passport.

U.S. officials and family members have confirmed the 33-year-old man’s death.

According to posts on his personal Twitter, the San Diego native appears to have crossed into Syria several months ago.

Friends and family have now started posting on his Facebook and expressing condolences to his wife and daughter.

“You were my oldest brother, my biggest headache, the one I argue with most, my words when I needed you to be,” his younger sister wrote on his wall. “This is absolutely unreal to me I love you big brother.”

Old high school friends have described McCain as a carefree “goofball” who wasn’t very religious.

McCain graduated from high school in Minnesota in 1999. In 2000, he was arrested for disorderly conduct; another arrest followed in 2006 for obstruction. He was convicted on both charges.

His Twitter indicates that he converted to Islam around 2004, at which point his online posts became much more fervent and he began referring to himself as Duale ThaslaveofAllah.

At some point, he traveled to Sweden, where he performed as a rapper. Kevin Kohlin, a friend who knew him in Sweden, noted that he and McCain “would just talk a little bit about religion,” and added that McCain “respected my Christianity.”

McCain’s MySpace profile contains multiple pictures of him with the Quaran and the caption, “The Quran is all I need in this life of sin.”

In April, he retweeted an English translation of a speech given by an ISIS spokesman. Soon after, he was spotted in Turkey, which is a common entryway into Syria.

In May, he began praising the 10-year-anniversary of his conversion to Islam, and began messaging and friending self-declared jihadists online.

A June 9 tweet from McCain to an ISIS fighter declares, “I will be joining you guys soon.” Later, he posted, “I’m with the brothers now.”

After McCain’s death, the Free Syrian Army shared pictures of McCain’s passport and his body, revealing a distinctive neck tattoo.

Sources: MailOnline, The Blaze, NBC News

Photo Source: MailOnline


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