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10-Year-Old Girl Gets Detention for Possession of -- a Jolly Rancher!

It started innocently enough -- Leighann Adair was eating lunch at her Texas school, when a friend offered her a Jolly Rancher. "A green one," the 10-year-old said. 

She was about to pop it in her mouth, when a teacher intervened, confiscating the offending candy.

The teacher's move was idiotic enough. But wait -- this story keeps getting stupider. School officials gave little Leighann a week's detention. For a Jolly Rancher.

If you ask school officials in Brazos County, they will tell you they acted properly. They say they were simply complying with a state law that limits junk food in schools. They will tell you they have no choice. They will tell you if they don't follow these guidelines set down by the Texas Department of Agriculture, they risk losing federal funding.

But if you ask any rational person in the universe, you're likely to get the same reaction that Leighann's mother had. “I think it’s stupid to give a kid a week’s worth of detention for a piece of candy,” said Amber Brazda. "The whole thing was just ridiculous to me."

She said the girl came home in tears when she handed her the detention notice. It seems Leighann is something of a model student who has never, ever been in trouble at school. It took one piece of candy to bring her down.

“I told her, ‘Leighann, unfortunately you’re learning very young that life’s not fair,'” Brazda said

So now Leighann will be "separated" from other students during lunch and recess all this week. Because she tried to eat a piece of candy.


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