10-Year-Old Schoolyard 'Mafia' Tries to Poison British Teacher With Bleach-Laced Coffee

A British schoolteacher was almost the victim of a deadly prank when she narrowly missed taking a sip of poison-laced coffee, the work of a 10-year-old student who was part of a gang called “The Mafia.”

39-year-old primary school teacher Emma Place was about to take a sip from her thermos when another student warned her against it.

Turns out Place was on a “hit-list” of six teachers targeted by the small gang of 10-year-olds.

The teacher later said the toxic, bleach-like smell was overwhelming as soon as she opened the thermos.

The Sun reports that police were immediately called, seizing the container and suspending two students.

Parents said they were “in shock” after hearing that such an incident had occurred at Clapham Terrace Community Primary School, a 220-person school in Warwicks.

“It's impossible to say how much malice was behind it - or whether it was simply a playground prank that went too far,” one parent told The Sun.

Phillip Robbins, chair of the school's governors, said that charges would not be pressed, although they could be, according to British law—the age of criminal responsibility in the country is 10.

"It was determined it was an isolated incident and was dealt with internally by the school," said a Warwickshire Police spokesman.

Just a day before the incident, which occurred last Tuesday, the country was shocked by the fatal stabbing of 61-year-old veteran teacher Ann Maguire. Two teens are in custody following the murder of the well-loved teacher at Corpus Christi Catholic college in West Yorkshire.

Sources: New York Daily News, The Sun, Guardian


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