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10-Year-Old Kills Two Deer In One Shot During First Hunt (Video)


A boy in Wisconsin hit two deer in one shot on his first ever hunting trip. 

According to WBAY, Kyle Verbeten went hunting for the first time with his father, explaining that he decided to go because he “really wanted a deer.”

“This squirrel kept distracting me, so I kept watching the squirrel,” 10-year-old Verbeten said.  “The squirrel was just jumping from tree to tree, everything. It was just doing weird stuff.”

Eventually during the hunt, Verbeten and his dad spotted two deer in the woods.

“I said, shoot the big doe, because there was a smaller one,” Matt Verbeten, Kyler’s father, said. “He had the gun, and I’m kind of laughing, we’ll see how he does, he’s 10…”

Though he missed the target on the first shot, Verbeten’s father encouraged him to try again. 

“I said, ‘Shoot again,’ he puts it back up, BOOM. They just fell right over,” he said. The second bullet hit both deer.

“I was so excited I almost jumped out of the stand,” Verbeten said of his shot. “I just ran down the ladder and ran out there to look at them.”

The boy’s father said he’s glad his son got to have the unique experience and hopes he learns a lesson from being in the woods.

“Just for kids nowadays to get the value of nature, to get outside and do something,” he said. “There’s not an app for something like that.”

Sources: WBAY, Fox News / Photo credit: WBAY

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