10-Year-Old at Humann Elementary School Suspended For A Camping Utensil


Officials at Humann Elementary School surprised Dana Stolle with a phone call this week, informing her that her 10-year-old son was facing disciplinary action for bringing a weapon on campus. According to KLKNTV., the weapon in question was a fold-out camping utensil that included a fork, spoon and un-pointed knife blade. 

"My son had been suspended and that he would have in-school suspension tomorrow as well for bringing a knife to school," Stolle said.

Stolle’s son, who is in the fifth grade, had used the utensil for breakfast just that morning and was excited to use it for his lunch later that day.

"I have to always keep it clean for him because he loves to eat with this and the whole thought in his head was 'I'm gonna eat lunch with my favorite utensil,'" Stolle said.

"We take things like this very seriously and we have to,” Director of student services Russ Uhing told KLKNTV.

The student was not threatening to harm anyone, but he did show the tool to his friends. Uhing defended the suspension and said, “We can't measure whether something was intentional or not intentional, we have to be concerned about the safety piece of things.”

Stolle was not aware her son took the tool to school, but believes the school’s punishment was unfair and incidents like this should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. After the elementary school sent out an email to parents that day, informing them of the suspension, Stolle was worried for her son and his reputation.

"This is gonna go to other people, it's gonna go out to parents, there's going to be this negative perception of my child now," she said.

Lincoln Public School policy states that, when students bring a potential weapon to school, they could face up to a 5 day suspension. 

Sources: KLKNTV

Image via KLKNTV Screenshot


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