10-Year-Old Girl Saves Mother's Life, Receives Commendations From Police Chief And Mayor

A 10-year-old Minnesota girl is being recognized by her town after saving her mother’s life.

Amber Frederickson is a fourth grader at Greenvale Elementary School in Northfield, Minnesota. Her mother, Joanne Frederickson, has been diabetic for 33 years so when she went into diabetic shock while driving down a highway on March 11, the little girl knew exactly what to do.

“My mom was going super slow and everyone was going in front of her,” Amber told KMSP.

The quick-thinking girl then climbed to the front seat, checked her mom’s eyes and called her father for help.

Together, they managed to get Joanne, who was barely conscious, to pull off the highway. Amber then put the car in neutral and called 911, KMSP reported.

“She keeps on closing her eyes, and she’s sweating really bad,” Amber told the 911 dispatcher.

The brave girl is now being celebrated by her school, town and her family. She received commendations from the Northfield police chief and mayor, but the real prize is her mother’s life.

“I feel happy that I did (it) and my mom’s still alive,” Amber said.

Joanne said she doesn’t remember much from the incident but is glad her daughter reacted the way she did.

“I think it’s great,” Joanne said. “She’s not used to all this, but she’d do it again… for me or anybody else.”

Sources: KMSP, My Fox Philly

Photo Credit: Screen Capture Via KMSP


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