10-Year-Old Girl In India Raped In Revenge After Her Father Gets Into A Fight With A Neighbor


A 10-year-old girl was raped in India on Tuesday night as punishment after her father reportedly assaulted a neighbor who broke into his house, reports Daily Mail.

The rape was reportedly ordered by the village chief of a small community in eastern India’s Bokaro district after the 25-year-old neighbor complained to elders that the young girl’s father had beaten him up when he broke into his home drunk at around midnight. The elders reportedly decided that the girl’s father was “violent” and that his actions deserved a serious consequence.

In front of all of the village’s residents, and despite her mother’s protests, the 10-year-old was dragged out of her home by the man who had tried to molest her mother and taken to a nearby forest, where he raped her, reports NDTV.

The girl’s mother found her daughter one hour later lying in blood in the bushes, according to police. Residents of the village were reportedly too scared to step in, fearing they, too, would be punished.

A medical examination confirmed the young girl was raped, but the details of why the man was allowed to do such a horrific thing differ with each news account. The Hindustan Times claims the girl was 14 and that this incident took place on Monday night. NDTV reports that the revenge rape was ordered because the girl’s older brother tried to assault the 25-year-old man’s sister.

The village headman has reportedly been arrested, as well as the victim’s brother and the alleged rapist.

Sources: Daily Mail, NDTV, Hindustan Times

Image via Deeporaj/Wikimedia


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